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A Self-Sufficiency Highlight: You can do it too!

Kamekia Hart.JPGSeveral years ago, Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency program started to help a young, single woman by the name of Kamekia Hart. At the time, Ms. Hart was working part-time at a fast-food restaurant, could not afford health insurance but still made too much money to qualify for Medicaid. She was struggling to stay afloat and living check to check. She wanted the opportunity to do more with her life, but did not know where or how to begin without the resources to support her determination.

Take a look at how Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency program helped Ms. Hart tackle her legal troubles and get on the path towards realizing her goals; feeding her belief that all things are possible with faith and determination. 

Self-Sufficiency: Reentry Success

Count Reddon, a recent Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency participant, made one bad decision that caused him to lose his employment as a commercial plumber, his place of residence, transportation and, most importantly, his tools for work.  

After finishing his senIRA-Dress for Success 002.JPGtence, Mr. Reddon was released back into the community with nowhere to live and no means of finding employment. His car was impounded, containing all of his tools for work, subsequently making it much harder for him to earn a living; Reddon was forced to move into a shelter and start over. He reached out to Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency Program for assistance to help him, once again, become a productive member of society.


Helping Homeless Children to be School-Ready this Year

FullSizeRender (1) (1).jpgArtreese Basnight, Human Resource Assistant at Action Pathways, was recently recognized for her exceptional leadership in helping to ensure Cumberland County’s homeless children are school-ready with the necessary supplies to be successful.

Thanks to Basnight’s decisive leadership as not only the secretary to FASHRM’s board but also as its fundraising chairman, the local chapter was able to provide much-needed supplies to homeless children in preparation for school.


Second Harvest Food Bank Thankful to Receive Nonprofit Funding

shfb_logo_0.pngSecond Harvest Food Bank is grateful for the nonprofit funding it receives every year to help advance its mission in the community.


Action Pathways & the American Red Cross: Partnering Together in Disaster Situations

American Red Cross Logo.jpgAction Pathways and the American Red Cross are strong community partners, who know they can count on each other when disaster strikes.


The Past, Present & Future: Head Start Staff Recall What Makes the Program Special

Andrews Resized for Website Thumbnail.jpgFrom a former worker who started her career with Head Start in the 1970's to two current employees - one with a career spanning 30+ years and the other who has not missed a day in two years - Action Pathways Head Start Staff recall what makes the program so special.

A Career Spanning 32 Years: The Story of Ms. Annie Kelly

Annie Kelly Resized for Website Thumbnail.jpgMs. Annie Kelly, a Child Services Manager at Action Pathways Head Start, didn't always start in this position. She actually began her career with Head Start as a Parent Volunteer.

Leaky Attic Fixed

image9.jpegAction Pathways Weatherization Assistance Program helps numbers of people save money on their energy bills every year. Recently, Action Pathways helped a family of three make the necessary repairs to their home, making their house much more energy-efficient than when they first moved into it.

“We were very pleased with [the Weatherization team],” says Judy Brandt. “I’m not working, so having resources like this really makes a difference.”




Action Pathways: Chipotle Night!

Chipotle_AP Fundraiser Flyer Resized for Website - Thumbnail.jpgJoin Action Pathways on Tuesday, August 29 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Chipotle on Skibo Road as we work to raise funds towards our nonprofit organization! For every customer we bring in that evening, Action Pathways earns 50 percent of the proceeds.

Come Rain or Sunshine, Shemicka Will be There!

Shemicka Monroe, lead teacher at the River Commons III Head Start facility, was recently recognized at Action Pathways Head Start’s “All Staff” banquet for having perfect attendance – meaning, Shemicka has not missed one day of teaching in two years. Why? She explains below.DSC_0357.JPG


“I went to Head Start; my son went to Head Start,” Shemicka explains. “It’s important for a child to see me every day; it builds consistency. That’s so important for children.” It is that feeling that compels Shemicka to show up every day, ready to teach and motivate.


Mission Accomplished: Habitat 24

Through the generosity of dozens of volunteers and the Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity, McKinnon will soon realize her dream of homeownership; but she will not be celebrating alone! Her colleagues and friends at Action Pathways were out this past weekend helping to make McKinnon’s dream come true.


Richard, McKinnon' childhood friend, was excited to be helping her friend build her house and become a homeowner. “We’ve known each other since we were kids,” says Richard. “I wouldn’t be anywhere else right now.”



Kay Andrews Recounts Action Pathways Head Start Teaching Career in 1970s

Latericia ‘Kay’ Andrews, or Mrs. Kay as the children referred to her, fought back tears as she remembered her journey to Action Pathways Head Start, more than 40 years ago. What started as a simple case of curiosity drastically altered the path of her life and ignited a lifelong passion for teaching.  23784_101348719901298_1115673_n.jpg


“Working at Head Start boosted my self-esteem. It gave me the confidence to better care for my children, and my coworkers became my support system,” she explained.  “During this time, my husband had a major heart attack, but the Head Start staff stepped in, without having to ask, and helped me and my family get back on our feet."

Action Pathways Brings Hope to Cumberland County Citizens Still Struggling After Hurricane Matthew

“It can be devastating to lose everything and still have the daily struggle of living outside your home nine months later,” Hope4NC Disaster Recovery Coordinator Laressa Witt explained. “Added to the financial burden of starting all over, it can be very stressful for families.” 

Hurricane damage 3.jpg

Action Pathways recently hired approximately 10 outreach workers as part of its partnership with Hope4NC. These contract employees will work for the next several months, canvassing neighborhoods, hotels, rentals and shelters to offer disaster crisis counseling to those affected by the storm. These services include providing coping strategies and emotional support to help survivors manage the stress of their current situations.

Action Pathways & Habitat 24

Members of the Action Pathways family will work together to help build a new home for one of their own.

Action Pathways Empowerment Conference

Conference Logo - Website - Thumbnail.jpgJoin the entire Action Pathways family as we gather together to unite forces in an effort to greater serve our community’s disadvantaged, while at the same time, working to bolster our own professional development within the organization.

Action Pathways A.S.P.I.R.E. Participants Take a Stand & Make their Voices Heard

Action Pathways’ ASPIRE participants Stefanie Clemonts and Cassandra Brand recently took a stand and spoke out at a North Carolina Senate Health Committee meeting along with Action Pathways’ CEO, Cynthia Wilson, telling their stories of how the ASPIRE program and its CSBG funding helped change their lives.  2017 May 24 NC Senate IMG_1260 (2).jpg


“[ASPIRE] makes an investment in people; they are not just spending money. I have never had anyone to believe in me like ASPIRE did. [The program] changed my life, inspired me to strive for greatness and most all, it inspired me to be myself.”

-       Cassandra Brand, ASPIRE participant




Seeing it Through: The Louise Circle Redevelopment Project

DSC_0399.JPGCouncilman Larry Wright recollected just how much effort went into getting the Louise Circle re-development project underway.

“There needed to be a high level of coordination, so I made lots of calls and held lots of meetings, including meetings with the neighborhood residents themselves. But, it was all worth it to see this project come together!” Councilman Wright exclaimed.



ASPIRE Suspending Cumberland County Applications

The ASPIRE Self-Sufficiency Program is no longer accepting applications from Cumberland County until further notice.

Public Notice of Debt Management Program Assumption

Action Pathways, Inc. is accepting vendor bids for total assumption of the Debt Management Program. The contract requires total assumption of the Debt Management Program to include client files, client debts, client fees, creditor information and fair share.

An Action Pathways Success: Mona

Mona says that her spirit of giving manifested itself many years ago as she faced her own hardships and began to understand the power of grace, altruism and giving back. Like many of us, it was through her valleys that she discovered herself, her inner strength and better still, her purpose in life.DSC_0849 (1).JPG

“Coming from a place of being in need, not being able to eat, not being able to provide [for my children],I thank God for an organization like Action Pathways and its Second Harvest Food Bank that works to address all the issues surrounding a person’s battle with poverty, including food insecurity and hunger.” 

Mona Hyppolite, Reclamation Coordinator




Head Start Staff Tell Us Why They Love Their Jobs

Gates for Website Thumbnail.jpgA federally-funded child development program, Head Start is staffed by individuals committed to making a difference in the lives of children. Hear their stories on why they enjoy coming into work every day.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Southeast North Carolina Receives $25,000 Grant from the Walmart Foundation to Fund Infrastructure and Equipment Needed for Handling Fresh Food

“One in five people struggle with hunger in Cumberland and the surrounding counties including more than 51,000 children,” said Ron Pringle, DSC_0116.JPGProgram Director for Second Harvest Food Bank of Southeast North Carolina. “We are thankful to the Walmart Foundation for helping to ensure that people who struggle with hunger have access to nutrient-rich food. 


"Father and Friends" at Monkey Joe's in Fayetteville

Mr. Allen, grandfather to five-year-old Kaiden, spoke highly of Father and Friends at the recent event, raving about the program’s benefits for both father-figures and children. He also praised the program for helping to provide Head Start children with the opportunity to spend time outside of their homes while fathers have the chance to spend regularly, scheduled precious moments with their children.DSC_0325.JPG


Food Lion Feeds supports Second Harvest Food Bank

Cropped Screenshot.jpgEleven-year-old Mikayla Nathan of Spring Lake, North Carolina was recently honored as an "Honorable Mention" winner in the 2017 Food Lion Feeds "Roar Against Hunger" Design-a-Reusable Bag contest. In fact, her design was selected from more than 400 entries this year. Her drawing, which will be featured on the side of the reusable bag, will be sold in more than 1,000 Food Lion stores throughout the United States. 


Action Pathways Awarded Numerous Accolades During N.C. Community Action Association’s Annual Conference

Stephanie Ashley Award (2).JPG“We are honored to recognize leaders who have made a profound impact on helping people to help themselves and each other,” said Paula Dickson, President of the NCCAA Board of Directors. “These individuals have played, and continue to play, a very valuable role in the work community action agencies do every day to make our communities better for all people to live, work and play.”


Mr. Murphy's New Energy-Efficient Home

Mr Murphy Resized by 45p then 65p Smaller.jpgMr. Charlie Murphy, a 75-year-old gentleman, who resides in Fayetteville, says he is grateful for Action Pathways and its Weatherization team for making his home more energy-efficient. “I got a $106 light bill, I’ve never had [a bill that low before]!”

Charlie Murphy, Weatherization Assistance Program participant


A Leader Gone, But Not Forgetten

Edwin S. Deaver, former Mayor of Hope Mills, was a dedicated leader and officer of Action Pathways’ Board of Directors for 23 years. In that time, he held several positions including Treasurer, Vice-Chairman and Chairman. Described as a calm, nonjudgmental leader by those who worked closely with him,  Mayor Deaver was actively involved with program efforts and, in fact, was responsible for the inclusion of Sampson County in Action Pathways’ anti-poverty focus through strong, yet tenacious, leadership. He helped to expand Action Pathways’ presence from just Cumberland County to the thirty-county agency it is today and thus, helped to change the lives of many as a result.86ef4690-c69e-4318-9b36-d1e19732bed9.jpg


Food Bank Food Fight




Weatherization Intake Session

Action Pathways' Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) has 8 intake sessions throughout its southeastern service area for the month of July. Join WAP for one of its scheduled times to speak with a program specialist about eligibility requirements. This month's intake sessions locations include: 

Cumberland, Sampson, Moore, Hoke, Montgomery, Columbus, Robeson, and Brunswick county.

Please contact WAP staff to schedule an appointment at (910) 223-0116, option 2.

We want to help you start saving money on your energy bills next!


Cumberland Community Foundation’s Donates One Million Pounds to Second Harvest Food Bank

Community Gives Together to Stop Hunger


Local residents have contributed enough to Cumberland Community Foundation’s One Million Pounds for Second Harvest Campaign to bring an additional 31 tractor trailers of food and supplies to Second Harvest Food Bank.



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