Helping Homeless Children to be School-Ready this Year

FullSizeRender (1) (1).jpgArtreese Basnight, Human Resource Assistant at Action Pathways, was recently recognized for her exceptional leadership in helping to ensure Cumberland County’s homeless children are school-ready with the necessary supplies to be successful.

Thanks to Basnight’s decisive leadership as not only the secretary to FASHRM’s board but also as its fundraising chairman, the local chapter was able to provide much-needed supplies to homeless children in preparation for school.


Action Pathways & the American Red Cross: Partnering Together in Disaster Situations

American Red Cross Logo.jpgAction Pathways and the American Red Cross are strong community partners, who know they can count on each other when disaster strikes.


The Past, Present & Future: Head Start Staff Recall What Makes the Program Special

Andrews Resized for Website Thumbnail.jpgFrom a former worker who started her career with Head Start in the 1970's to two current employees - one with a career spanning 30+ years and the other who has not missed a day in two years - Action Pathways Head Start Staff recall what makes the program so special.

Mission Accomplished: Habitat 24

Through the generosity of dozens of volunteers and the Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity, McKinnon will soon realize her dream of homeownership; but she will not be celebrating alone! Her colleagues and friends at Action Pathways were out this past weekend helping to make McKinnon’s dream come true.


Richard, McKinnon' childhood friend, was excited to be helping her friend build her house and become a homeowner. “We’ve known each other since we were kids,” says Richard. “I wouldn’t be anywhere else right now.”



Action Pathways Brings Hope to Cumberland County Citizens Still Struggling After Hurricane Matthew

“It can be devastating to lose everything and still have the daily struggle of living outside your home nine months later,” Hope4NC Disaster Recovery Coordinator Laressa Witt explained. “Added to the financial burden of starting all over, it can be very stressful for families.” 

Hurricane damage 3.jpg

Action Pathways recently hired approximately 10 outreach workers as part of its partnership with Hope4NC. These contract employees will work for the next several months, canvassing neighborhoods, hotels, rentals and shelters to offer disaster crisis counseling to those affected by the storm. These services include providing coping strategies and emotional support to help survivors manage the stress of their current situations.

Action Pathways A.S.P.I.R.E. Participants Take a Stand & Make their Voices Heard

Action Pathways’ ASPIRE participants Stefanie Clemonts and Cassandra Brand recently took a stand and spoke out at a North Carolina Senate Health Committee meeting along with Action Pathways’ CEO, Cynthia Wilson, telling their stories of how the ASPIRE program and its CSBG funding helped change their lives.  2017 May 24 NC Senate IMG_1260 (2).jpg


“[ASPIRE] makes an investment in people; they are not just spending money. I have never had anyone to believe in me like ASPIRE did. [The program] changed my life, inspired me to strive for greatness and most all, it inspired me to be myself.”

-       Cassandra Brand, ASPIRE participant




Seeing it Through: The Louise Circle Redevelopment Project

DSC_0399.JPGCouncilman Larry Wright recollected just how much effort went into getting the Louise Circle re-development project underway.

“There needed to be a high level of coordination, so I made lots of calls and held lots of meetings, including meetings with the neighborhood residents themselves. But, it was all worth it to see this project come together!” Councilman Wright exclaimed.



Action Pathways Awarded Numerous Accolades During N.C. Community Action Association’s Annual Conference

Stephanie Ashley Award (2).JPG“We are honored to recognize leaders who have made a profound impact on helping people to help themselves and each other,” said Paula Dickson, President of the NCCAA Board of Directors. “These individuals have played, and continue to play, a very valuable role in the work community action agencies do every day to make our communities better for all people to live, work and play.”


A Leader Gone, But Not Forgetten

Edwin S. Deaver, former Mayor of Hope Mills, was a dedicated leader and officer of Action Pathways’ Board of Directors for 23 years. In that time, he held several positions including Treasurer, Vice-Chairman and Chairman. Described as a calm, nonjudgmental leader by those who worked closely with him,  Mayor Deaver was actively involved with program efforts and, in fact, was responsible for the inclusion of Sampson County in Action Pathways’ anti-poverty focus through strong, yet tenacious, leadership. He helped to expand Action Pathways’ presence from just Cumberland County to the thirty-county agency it is today and thus, helped to change the lives of many as a result.86ef4690-c69e-4318-9b36-d1e19732bed9.jpg


Storm Related Scam Alert

After Hurricane Matthew swept up the east coast leaving damage in its wake, many of those affected are in need of assistance. Unfortunately, past natural disasters have shown us that scammers may pose as utility workers, insurance adjusters, or even FEMA officials.


Don't Fall For Storm Repair Scams

Hurricane Matthew flooded homes and businesses, ripped off roofs and sent tree through walls and across driveways. Unfortunately, home repair scammers are trying to profit off the damage.
One group approached a senior in Raleigh and tried to pressure him to pay more than $1,500 upfront to remove downed trees. Fortunately his family intervened to stop the scam and report it to our office and local law enforcement.


Action Pathways HR Department Attends Training

Action Pathways Human Resource Department professionals attended the June 2016 Employment Law Update on June 2, 2016 at Briar Creek Country Club in Raleigh.  The training included information on minimum wage initiatives, HB-2 and similar religious freedom laws, and the new I-9 form.  Attending on behalf of Action Pathways were Dr. Sadie Carter, Human Resource Director and Evelyn Miller, Human Resource Manager. 
June Conference in Raleigh_1.jpg



Action Pathways, formerly Cumberland Community Action Program (CCAP), launches new brand, reaffirms commitment for future of service to region

Today, the Cumberland Community Action Program, Inc. (CCAP) announces its transition to a new name—Action Pathways, Inc. Since 1965, CCAP has provided services to low-income individuals in southeastern North Carolina. As the agency celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, the change reaffirms its commitment to serving the needs of the region with a new name, new brand, and new vision for future service.

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