Energy Action Month


In 2012, President Barack Obama declared October, Energy Action Month, as a way to encourage Americans to not only practice the efficient use of energy and energy conservation but to promote our nation’s goal of reaching energy independence in the hopes of creating a more sustainable American economy. Action Pathways Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) will be celebrating #EnergyActionMonth alongside the American energy sector to promote how weatherization helps individuals and families become more energy efficient, saving money on their utility bills, as well as, how WAP ensures families and their children are safer after their homes have been weatherized.

Action Pathways Weatherization Assistance Program’s (WAP) first objective is to help homeowners reduce their household’s energy consumption and subsequently, their energy home costs. This enables low-income families to budget their money for other necessities such as food, medicine and/or clothing. An energy-efficient home gives the working class families in our communities a fighting chance in the struggle to “make ends meet.” According to the United States Department of Labor’s 2015 Consumer Expenditure Survey, those people at the lowest income levels spend over 21% of their yearly income on utilities compared to just a little over 3% for those living at the highest income levels. The domestic energy poverty gap those of little means and those who are wealthy within this country has steadily increased over the years, the rising costs of energy consistently make harder for hard working families to rise above poverty and become self-sufficient. Action Pathways Weatherization Assistance Program is one solution towards decreasing a households’ energy costs, putting money back into the pockets of the folks who really need it.

DSC00412.JPGBut there is more to the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) than meets the eye; Weatherization can save lives! Weatherization staff often come across health and safety hazards during inspection and/or while performing weatherization services. From mold, carbon monoxide and even lead, weatherization providers sometimes encounter these hazards and are able to not only alert the families of the potential threats but can assist with energy-related health and safety issues with funding from the Department of Energy. Other times, WAP’s parent agency, Action Pathways (AP), partners with other local organizations and programs to address potentially hazardous conditions in the house. In fact, AP and the American Red Cross of the Sandhills recently partnered together to install hundreds of smoke detectors in weatherized homes; saving lives, one smoke detector at a time.

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