Mr. Murphy's New Energy-Efficient Home

Mr. Charlie Murphy, a 75-year-old gentleman, who resides in Fayetteville, says he is grateful for Action Pathways and its Weatherization team for making his home more energy-efficient. “I got a $106 light bill, I’ve never had [a bill that low before]!”

Charlie Murphy, Weatherization Assistance Program participant

Mr Murphy Resized by 45p Smaller.jpgLong retired from his days as a floor installer, Mr. Charlie Murphy knows a thing or two about home improvement, so he was simply astonished at how thorough the Action Pathways Weatherization team was at improving his home’s energy-efficiency.

According to Mr. Murphy, “[One of the Action Pathways Weatherization employees] came by to check on the contractors and got right up under the house with them.”

In fact, he continues to be amazed at how committed the Action Pathways Weatherization team was at ensuring he had the best possible service provided.

Mr. Murphy first became aware of the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) back in 2015 after his late wife signed their home up for consideration into the program. Hearing one of WAP’s staff members speak at their local church, the Murphys decided it was time to start saving money. Unfortunately, the road to energy efficiency was not without its trials. Weatherization first completed their initial assessment of the Murphys’ home only to discover that there were structural issues that needed to be addressed before weatherization could begin. The Murphy family began the necessary work, but by spring of 2016, renovations came to a halt after expenses ballooned. The Murphys were successful in completing many of the recommended improvements except for the bathroom floor; they simply just did not have the money for it. Without this last home improvement, the Murphys could not begin their journey of cost saving, energy-efficiency.

But thankfully, that’s where the Cumberland Community Foundation came in to help along with Action Pathways. The Foundation generously providedDSC_0037 (Check Presentation for CCF) Resized by 45p.jpg $22,500 in funding through the Cornelia “Neill” Bullock Wilkins Charitable Endowment Fund that enabled the Weatherization Assistance Program and Mr. Murphy continue the recommended home improvements needed to make his home more energy efficient. Through this critical financial support, Action Pathways was not only able to assist Mr. Murphy in finishing his bathroom floor but the Weatherization team was able to reconnect with him, finishing the process to completely weatherize his home, a dream come true, indeed.

For more information on Action Pathways Weatherization Program, visit: You can also contact Action Pathways at: (910) 223-0116.