Nursing Students Volunteer For Action Pathways Second Harvest Food Bank

Nursing students from Fayetteville State University and Grand Canyon University (Online) volunteer for Action Pathways Second Harvest Food Bank and talk about their experiences and why they love donating their time to the food bank.

Megan, Stephanie and Renee (picture from left to right), were excited to be volunteering for Second Harvest Food Bank. More than just a requisite to fulfill for their nursing coursework, these ladies had their own experiences with being in need and saw the importance of giving back through volunteering.

“There’s been times when I needed a hand too,” said Megan. “Giving back [by volunteering] is one the ways I can say thank you to all those people.”

Sorting through the donated food products that Second Harvest Food Bank receives daily, Megan, Stephanie and Renee were laughing and enjoying each other’s company as they helped to determine which of the donated items were safe for re-distribution. A cooler day than usual in the food bank warehouse, these ladies worked diligently from mid-morning to mid-afternoon learning just how the food bank operates while helping to ensure that the items re-distributed to member agencies and individuals were reusable and packaged safely for transport.

“I’ve worked in case management at the hospital for seven years,” said Renee, nursing student at Grand Canyon University Online. “I’ve done discharge planning -- setting up patients with services outside of the hospital, so I have been on that end -- giving resources. Coming here, I’m on the other end and I get to see what the processes are and it’s really nice.”

Stephanie, nursing student at Fayetteville State University also shared Renee’s and Megan’s sentiment. She said, “As I was going through the boxes, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m touching something that’s going to go to a family and people who really need it.’ That made me feel really good inside.”

Giving back is one of the most important things we can do for each other and our communities. By giving, you can help to strengthen our communities, create more positive impacts and outcomes for those in need and do something that just feels good. How you give back is completely up to you. You can give by donating your time or by making a cash donation; either way, your contribution will go a long way for an individual or family in need.

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