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Count Reddon, a recent Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency participant, made one bad decision that caused him to lose his employment as a commercial plumber, his place of residence, transportation and, most importantly, his tools for work. Unfortunately, this crisis was caused by his re-incarceration due to parole violation. Working as a contracted commercial plumber, Reddon had to travel out of state to for a job. Upon his return, he contacted his parole officer to inform them of his recent travel. The parole officer informed Mr. Reddon that leaving the state, without permission, was a violation of his parole terms and detained him. Consequently, Reddon spent six months in jail and lost his job, apartment, car and work tools along the way.

After finishing his sentence, Mr. Reddon was released back into the community with nowhere to live and no means of finding employment. His car was impounded, containing all of his tools for work, subsequently making it much harder for him to earn a living; Reddon was forced to move into a shelter and start over. He reached out to Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency Program for assistance to help him, once again, become a productive member of society.

Referred to Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency program by the Salvation Army shelter where he lived after being released, Mr. Reddon was immediately enrolled into Self-Sufficiency after signing the program contract issued to all program participants and was assigned to a Self-Sufficiency Case Manager, Maria Newland. Maria conducted a needs assessment to determine the type of resources Mr. Reddon would need to become self-sufficient and began providing him with case management services. The types of services provided to Mr. Reddon were as follows:

Job Readiness Training

  • I.R.A.  (Interview, Resume and Application) workshop provided interview skills development training with one-on-one counseling and mock interviews; resume building development along with education on employer application processes.
  • Assistance with purchase of interview appropriate clothing

Employment Assistance

  • Help with applying for jobs
  • Purchase of work tools after appropriate documentation of job offer and tools needed.

Housing Assistance

  • Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency was able to Mr. Reddon housing through a long-standing relationship with a realtor who is sympathetic to ex-offenders
  • Assistance with deposit, rent and utilities
  • Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency also placed Mr. Reddon in a hotel for one week after his 90-day residency at the Salvation Army shelter had expired before finding him permanent housing

Transportation Assistance

  • Provided bus passes to get to program site, interviews, food pantry and other community service providers among his continuum of assistance

Basic Needs Assistance

  • Access to Action Pathways Second Harvest Food Bank’s food pantry where Mr. Reddod was able to receive grocery products, such as fruits, meats, vegetables, juices, personal hygiene items, detergent, etc. once a week
  • Eye exam and eye glassesIRA-Dress for Success 002.JPG


Self-Sufficiency required Mr. Reddon to attend the Interview Resume & Application’s Workshop, where he received an impressive resume, was given tips on the appropriate dress, and interviewing skills.  Soon after, he also received budgeting counseling and housing assistance that enabled him to move to a safe, affordable 2bdr apartment.  Determined to get back on his feet and become self-sufficient, Mr. Reddon saved up $3000.00 to purchase reliable transportation and is now focused on establishing his own plumbing business in addition to his full-time employment to supplement his income.

Count Reddon is very vocal about accepting responsibility for his mistakes and thankful for the help he received from Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency program.  He now wants to mentor youth to prevent them from taking the wrong path.  Although, you can tell from his determination, Mr. Reddon would have eventually got back on his feet, we're just glad we were able to lend a helping hand to fast-track his road back to self-sufficiency.

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