Women of Weatherization: Syreeta Morrisey

Climbing the ladders of success in a field that is dominated by men can be tough and seemingly impossible for women. Syreeta Morrisey, Interim Program Director for Action Pathways Weatherization Assistance Program (Weatherization) says it’s a “constant battle” that she has dealt with since her first day. For her, the climb was long and winding and she quickly learned that some men would think simply because she was a woman, she would not be fit for weatherization.

“You have to be a little better; you have to know a little more to maintain respect because some men really don’t want to take orders from women” saysWAP Syreeta (Resized).jpg Morrisey.

Morrisey began her career at Action Pathways as a program specialist where she had responsibilities and duties for three other programs outside of Weatherization (i.e. – Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) and Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS).  Proving herself both talented and capable of taking on more work, she was then promoted to Administrative Assistant/Outreach Coordinator where after working in that position for a number of years, she was promoted to Project Manager for Weatherization. 

Morrisey attributes her rise through the echelons of the company to her battle to prove herself to the men of her field she says, “Think we [as women] don’t know much” and the blessing of helping others. She has seen first-hand how weatherization helps people save money on their utilities and frees up cash for other things.

“I love helping people!” says Morrisey. “We are going into people’s home who don’t necessarily have the means to have adequate heating or who are spending a large portion of their income on gas and/or electric bills and providing a service that enables them to spend their money elsewhere like food or other household amenities…. they’re  able to just enjoy  a better quality of life!”


Her Advice to other Women Interested in the Weatherization Field

“There are a lot of opportunities in Weatherization, especially for women” says Morrisey but urges women interested in the field to study a little harder, know federal and state guidelines, tenaciously pursue certifications whenever possible and “be more than a little better than the rest!”