Action Pathways feels that safe, comfortable, and affordable housing should be attainable for everyone. In our area, the most economically disadvantaged often live in uncomfortable homes and see sky-high utility bills month after month. Improving our environment, lowering utility bills, and offering an affordable housing alternative to those in need is the focus of the Housing division—through the Weatherization Assistance Program, Heating and Air Repair and Replacement Program, Duke Energy’s Home Helping Fund, and the Community Housing Development Organization.

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Fayetteville has a 7 percent eviction rate. That may not seem like much, but with North Charleston, SC, logging a high of 16 percent, our community should take note.

Higher than both the state and national averages (4.61 percent and 2.34 percent, respectively), these numbers present a concerning picture for residents, especially those of lower income. According to Eviction Lab, a research group at Princeton University, there were 3,055 evictions in Fayetteville in 2016.

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Action Pathways is accepting subcontractors’ bids for a home energy improvement project under the North Carolina Weatherization Assistance Program. The program is sponsored by the State Department of Environment and Natural Resources Weatherization Program Office. The contract requires the weatherization of homes in Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, Cumberland, Hoke, Montgomery, Moore, Pender, Robeson, Sampson, and Scotland Counties during the period of July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019.

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What is Weatherization?

Weatherization involves conducting an energy assessment to identify the most cost effective energy improvements that need to be performed on a dwelling, and then making the improvements at no cost to the household.

The basic goal of the Weatherization Assistance Program is to provide quality home weatherization to the moderate-income, elderly, and handicapped residents of Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, Cumberland, Hoke, Montgomery, Moore, Pender, Robeson, Sampson, and Scotland counties.

The program assists moderate-income families in conserving energy and therefore enabling them to better cope with fuel cost increases and other household expenses.

WAP is governed by various federal regulations designed to help manage and account for the resources provided by the US Department of Energy. WAP funding is derived from annual appropriations from Congress. Each year, the Senate and House Interior Appropriations committees decide how much funding to allocate to the Program.

Funding made possible by financial assistance administered by Office of the Governor through the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

To find out more about the Weatherization Assistance Program, click here.

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How do I apply?

To apply, please complete and submit an application.

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What services do you provide?

wap_insulation.pngBefore any services are provided, the Weatherization Assistance Program will perform a home inspection to determine the most cost-effective weatherization services. Home energy auditors use advanced diagnostic equipment, such as blower doors, manometers, and infrared cameras to determine the most cost-effective measures appropriate for each home. The services may include:

  • Home energy efficiency: testing and evaluation
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Air sealing
  • Duct sealing
  • Insulation of attic, walls and floors
  • Evaluate, clean and tune heating system
  • Energy education
  • Heating appliance repair or replacement

All services are not provided to every dwelling. Services are based on results of the home energy audit.

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Do I qualify?

Eligibility for weatherization assistance is determined by meeting with a Program Specialist.

Documents required for the application process include:

  • Social security numbers and birth dates of every household member
  • Verification of income for every household member
  • Proof of home ownership or landlord permission to receive Weatherization services
  • 12 months of utility bill statements

In some cases, we may not be able to provide some services because of structural deficiencies, i.e., leaking roof, knob and tube wiring, dry rot, etc. Other barriers could be: no ready access to attic or crawl spaces, standing water under house, etc. There is an opportunity for repairs to be made within a reasonable amount of time, with the expense to the owner or client, by a contractor of their choosing.

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What is HAARP?

HARRP, or Heating Appliance Repair and Replacement Program, is a program that enables eligible households to have heating and air conditioning systems inspected, tuned, repaired, or replaced, when needed. Selection is based on a state-mandated priority system. Houses must have been weatherized.

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About the Duke Energy Helping Home Fund

The Duke Energy Helping Home Fund, a $20 million program authorized through an agreement with the N.C. Public Staff and approved by the N.C. Utilities Commission during the 2013 Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Carolinas rate cases, will benefit low-income customers in reducing their residential electric use. Funds for the program will come from Duke Energy shareholders and not through customer rates.

Duke Energy's Helping Home Fund will provide qualified low-income customers with up to $10,000 in energy efficiency upgrades at no cost to the customer. Eligible customers must meet U.S. Department of Energy criteria as being income-qualified in addition to other program qualifications. Measures may include weatherization upgrades, heating and cooling system replacements, appliance replacements, and health and safety upgrades to customers' homes. An energy assessment of the home will help to determine which measures are most appropriate.

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What is CHDO?

Action Pathways “CHDO” is a Community – Based Housing Development Organization recognized by local and state government. Nationally, CHDO recognized nonprofit community organizations are engaged in housing development activities that benefit low and moderate income families. At Action Pathways, we strive for excellence and making a sustainable, positive impact on our local neighborhoods.

We currently have 12 houses that are managed by Pennink & Huff Property Management. If you are interested in learning more about our properties and when they will be available, please contact Pennink & Huff Property Management at (910) 864-3955.

If you are interested in donating your property, please contact us at (910) 485-6131

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Requests for Bid Forms

Weatherization Bid Packet

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