Board of Directors Elections Hosted Oct. 9th

Action Pathways, Inc. is holding elections for seats on the Board of Directors to represent Cumberland and Sampson Counties.  Residents of Cumberland and Sampson Counties whose income is at or below the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines are eligible to vote for a representative.  Individuals selected to serve on the Action Pathways, Inc. Board of directors will be elected for a five year term.


Congratulations 2018 United Way LDP Graduates

thumb_UWLDP.pngAction Pathways prides itself in the work we do to help community citizens learn and grow through our focus areas of education and empowerment. We believe in it so much, we continually encourage our own staff to pursue and seek professional development opportunities.


The Impending Status of Fair Housing

hand holding house.jpgSince its inception as a cabinet-level agency in 1965 amidst the advocacy of the Civil Rights Movement, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has focused on fair housing for America’s citizens. The cabinet-level agency runs housing programs for various populations, but has most recently been mentioned in the news for its proposed rent reform.


The Shift in Poverty & How it Affects Nonprofits

Cities and suburbs have very defined roles when it comes to poverty. Research examining poverty related issues are usually inner city-based.  For years, suburbs have been seen as safe neighborhoods with quality school systems and even better jobs. Recent studies have found that poverty has actually become more suburbanized. There has been a shift in poverty and because of this ideology, we have more people uprooting their families to the suburbs in the hopes for a better life. “In 1999, large U.S. cities and their suburbs had roughly equal numbers of...  (READ MORE)


Action Pathways Announces New Leadership

On Friday, May 18, 2018, the Action Pathways Inc. Governing Board announced  that Cynthia Wilson tendered her resignation as CEO after more than 11 years of service. The Board unanimously appointed Lonnie Ballard, formerly Chief Operating Officer (COO), the agency’s Interim CEO.


Developing a Pathway for Continued NonProfit Leadership

18 Leadership Development (Edited)(2).jpgAction Pathways friends and partners at the United Way of Cumberland County hosted its ann ual commencement ceremony for its Leadership Development Program (LDP) earlier this month. Almost thirty of the best and brightest our community has to offer applied and were accepted into the prestigious leadership program and seven were from Action Pathways!


Statement of Support for CSBG

#AWiseInvestment.jpgAction Pathways, as a Communtiy Action Agency, believes that our country can't thrive unless our communities and familes do. The future of America depends on everyone in urban, suburban and rural places doing well. Our communities are stronger when all people can realize thier full potential and contribute to their local community.

Action Pathways rejects the Administrations's FY2019 budget proposal to eliminiate funding for the Community Services Block Grant. We support funding at $750 million.​


Women's History Month






Sallie Walker Stockard.jpg​SALLIE WALKER STOCKARD


Doing More Good with Head Start

LaranaDavis.jpg Larana Davis, parent and volunteer for Head Start, tells us why she has loved giving her time to the early childhood development program for so many years. Ever since her enrolling her first child in Actioin Pathways Head Start 14 years ago, she has been a dedicated volunteer, making sure she was a part of each of her children's success in the program. Her contribution as both a mother and volunteer is invaulable and she wants other parents to know that any time they are able to give to Head Start, they should.

An Action Pathways Success: Mona

2L0A6587.jpgMona Hyppolite started of as a volunteer for Second Harvest Food Bank to later become a fully employed member of the team. She recounts her journey with us as she went from volunteering with her church, in awe of all that the food bank does for its community to Reclamation Coordinator, living out her dream of giving back to the community that once helped her, full-time.



Doing More Good with Head Start & The Child Advocacy Center

Faith Boehmer, takes a momentStorytime.jpg to reflect as a volunteer on Action Pathways Head Start’s Policy Council, a committee comprised of parents and community stakeholders charged with making decisions that guide and direct the Head Start program.

“We [Child Advocacy Center] want to bring awareness to teachers and the larger Head Start community,” Faith says. “We all should be advocating for children……serving on Head Start’s Policy Council enables me to give my input in a number ways; from important decisions about hiring new staff to new initiatives and promoting collaborations vital to the safety of our community’s children.”

Doing More Good with Head Start

Alicia5.jpgAction Pathways Head Start volunteer and parent, Alysia Haddox, has been giving her time to the early childhood development program for a little over a year now. Her commitment arose while she was enrolled in Action Pathways Early Head Start program, which allows eligible pregnant women to enter the program to ensure early childhood development efforts can begin as early as possible, even before birth.

Currently, Ms. Haddox gives her time to assist teachers in the classroom and also as a member of Head Start’s Policy Council, a committee comprised of community partners and Head Start parents empowered to help govern Head Start without actually interfering in the day-to-day operations of the program.

Doing More Good with Head Start

B72.jpgThere are so many ways you can give back to your community that doesn’t involve going inside your wallet. Yes, monetary donations are indeed valuable but so is your time – volunteering it. Action Pathways Head Start’s volunteer and parent, BenShuna Quon, explains why she gives her time to Head Start and encourages others to do the same.

Action Pathways' Mobile Food Pantry and its Heroes

039.JPGAction Pathways Second Harvest Food Bank's Mobile Food Pantry team (Julia Morales, Drew Daniels and Darryl Monroe) were recently recognized at the Heart of Matthew, a luncheon hosted by the Cumberland Disaster Recovery Coalition (CDRC). The event honored the unsung heroes within our community that went above and beyond the call of duty to help those left reeling from the destruction and devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew.

HOPE4NC Continues to Provide Crisis Counseling and Referrals for People Still Dealing with the Trauma of Hurricane Matthew

Patrick, a local Cumberland County resident, talked with Hope4NC workers about how he has tried to cope with trauma brought on by the storm and how its impact continues to affect him today. Admitted to having struggled with anxiety all his life, DSC_0011.JPGPatrick recognizes it is a challenge he will constantly have to manage, but says his anxiety has worsened since the storm.

ASPIRE Self-Sufficiency Location Change in Sampson County

ATTENTION: ASPIRE/SELF-SUFFICIENCY ***New Location in Sampson County***

Sampson County Dept of Social Services
360 County Complex Rd # 100, Clinton, NC 28328
Phone: (910) 592-4200 ext: 3275


Helping Homeless Children to be School-Ready this Year

FullSizeRender (1) (1).jpgArtreese Basnight, Human Resource Assistant at Action Pathways, was recently recognized for her exceptional leadership in helping to ensure Cumberland County’s homeless children are school-ready with the necessary supplies to be successful.

Thanks to Basnight’s decisive leadership as not only the secretary to FASHRM’s board but also as its fundraising chairman, the local chapter was able to provide much-needed supplies to homeless children in preparation for school.


Action Pathways & the American Red Cross: Partnering Together in Disaster Situations

American Red Cross Logo.jpgAction Pathways and the American Red Cross are strong community partners, who know they can count on each other when disaster strikes.


Storm Related Scam Alert

After Hurricane Matthew swept up the east coast leaving damage in its wake, many of those affected are in need of assistance. Unfortunately, past natural disasters have shown us that scammers may pose as utility workers, insurance adjusters, or even FEMA officials.


Don't Fall For Storm Repair Scams

Hurricane Matthew flooded homes and businesses, ripped off roofs and sent tree through walls and across driveways. Unfortunately, home repair scammers are trying to profit off the damage.
One group approached a senior in Raleigh and tried to pressure him to pay more than $1,500 upfront to remove downed trees. Fortunately his family intervened to stop the scam and report it to our office and local law enforcement.


Action Pathways HR Department Attends Training

Action Pathways Human Resource Department professionals attended the June 2016 Employment Law Update on June 2, 2016 at Briar Creek Country Club in Raleigh.  The training included information on minimum wage initiatives, HB-2 and similar religious freedom laws, and the new I-9 form.  Attending on behalf of Action Pathways were Dr. Sadie Carter, Human Resource Director and Evelyn Miller, Human Resource Manager. 
June Conference in Raleigh_1.jpg



Action Pathways, formerly Cumberland Community Action Program (CCAP), launches new brand, reaffirms commitment for future of service to region

Today, the Cumberland Community Action Program, Inc. (CCAP) announces its transition to a new name—Action Pathways, Inc. Since 1965, CCAP has provided services to low-income individuals in southeastern North Carolina. As the agency celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, the change reaffirms its commitment to serving the needs of the region with a new name, new brand, and new vision for future service.

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